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Frequently asked questions

Who is this program for?

Do you run a popular open source or crowdfunded project? Then you might be eligible for a free, hosted Discourse + SSL. Eligibility criteria is mentioned here: Free Hosting for Open Source v2 & Free Hosting for Patreon Creators

Where will the site live?

You will get a sub-domain of your choosing on the * domain, e.g. If you wish to use your own domain, you can do so by upgrading to our Standard or Business hosting plan at 50% off.

What happens if I exceed the limits?

If you exceed our bandwidth limit (for several consecutive months) you have two options:

We’ll help you move to self-hosting, either on your own server or any Docker compatible cloud (a $20/month Digital Ocean droplet should suffice). Alternatively, you could upgrade to our Standard hosting plan at 50% off.

What happens if my site has no activity?

If your site sees no activity (for several consecutive months) we'll get in touch about shutting down the site for everyone's benefit. Of course, you'd be welcome to start again when you're confident about generating enough traction for a forum to make sense!

What is Discourse?

Discourse is the 100% open source discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet. Use it as a mailing list, discussion forum, long-form chat room, and more!

Other Questions?

Need customized hosting? Seeking a sitewide license? Other questions not answered here? Email us at