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Frequently asked questions

Who is this program for?

Do you run a popular open source or crowdfunded project? Then you might be eligible for a free, hosted Discourse + SSL. Eligibility criteria is mentioned here: Free Hosting for Open Source v2 & Free Discourse Communities For Creators

Where will the site live?

You will get a sub-domain of your choosing on the * domain, e.g. If you wish to use your own domain, you can do so by upgrading to our Standard hosting plan at 50% off.

What happens if I exceed the limits?

If you exceed our bandwidth limit (for several consecutive months) you have two options:

We’ll help you move to self-hosting, either on your own server or any Docker compatible cloud (a $20/month Digital Ocean droplet should suffice). Alternatively, you could upgrade to our Standard hosting plan at 50% off.

What happens if my site has no activity?

If your site sees zero posts (for 2-3 consecutive months) we'll get in touch about shutting down the site for everyone's benefit. Of course, you'd be welcome to start again when you're confident about generating enough traction for a forum to make sense!

What is Discourse?

Discourse is the 100% open source discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet. Use it as a mailing list, discussion forum, long-form chat room, and more!

Other Questions?

Need customized hosting? Seeking a sitewide license? Other questions not answered here? Email us at